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  The Amazing Albert Bridge, Kensington & Chelsea  



Albert Bridge, London
By Leigh Cousins 01/08/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 18mm 73secs F8 ISO100

Albert Bridge in Kensington & Chelsea, London. Probably the most blinged-out, over-the-top piece of eye candy in London... But what a bridge it is! I just had to see how it looked up close, so I chose a calm evening and just as the sun went down, the lights came on, and it produced a gorgeous evening spectacle.
Built in 1873, connecting the lavish Chelsea with the industrial Battersea, it now displays 4,000 LED lights at night. I'm not sure if this is my favourite bridge across the Thames but it adds something to London... something good!





Battersea Bridge
By Leigh Cousins 01/08/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 18mm 5secs F11 ISO100

Battersea Bridge... One of the few bridge that has no lights at night apart from the street lights. But what it does have is a bold, graceful design, maybe it doesn't need lights to look good, maybe its happy with its exterior and doesn't care what others think!
Originally built as a wooden bridge in 1771 then demolished in 1885 to build the existing bridge which had a total cost of under £150,000!

Below is 2 5-photo HDR shots combined showing the Chelsea Riverside with the World's End estates.


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