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  Box Hill in Surrey  

Box Hill in Surrey

The View from Box Hill
By Leigh Cousins 05/11/2016
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 19mm F.16 0.5second ISO100


There is something very rewarding about arriving at a popular location to find no people there. Actually they had closed all the car parks due to an event taking place later that evening but after a little sweet talking with the authority in charge I managed to buy myself an hours parking. Box Hill in the Surrey Hills has a vast woodlands to explore with large chalk cliffs which can be steep at times but mainly a steady climb, the area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and dates back some two Bronze Ages.
This is not the highest point of Box Hill but in my opinion it has the best views over Dorking. Salomons Memorial has been put in place but The National Trust in remembrance of Salomon who purchased Box Hill in 1914 to stop any future development.


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