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  Photography At Low Tide On The River Thames  



Church Street, Old Isleworth
By Leigh Cousins 16/05/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 18mm 60.7secs F18 ISO100

I've spent many evenings on Church Street, its a lovely place to relax by the river with some good food and drink. The idea to capture it from the other side of the river seemed perfect, getting there was far from it! After heading down to the car park behind Kew Gardens (£7 minimun / all day) I swiftly turned around and headed back to park on the road! The walk along Kew Gardens boundry was like a tunnel of green and seemed to never end, worse more, there was no steps down the bank to the river bed. After 30 minutes walking I could see my location through the bushes,and after a brief decision making I jumped through the bushes and onto the top of the bank, it was a 45 degree slop with rocks and sludge.... here goes! I managed to get to the river bed and take these shots, then climb back up as the tide started to come in. I have no idea how, but I had mud everywhere.
This shot is a fusion of HDR and long Exposure using the Hoya PRO1000 ND filter.





Brentford, Kew Bridge & Strand On The Green
By Leigh Cousins 29/05/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 18mm 140secs F16 ISO100

This shot means quite a lot to me, Brentford over Kew Bridge, I must have crossed that bridge 1000's of times. This was my 3rd attempt at this shot and I still want to try another.
2 long exposure shots combined in Photoshop, special attention to the levels adjustments needed due to unwanted noise.





Lambeth Bridge At Low Tide
By Leigh Cousins 29/05/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 20mm 78secs F16 ISO100

Following the North bank of the bridge to the west, about 5 minutes walk you can find steps going down to the river bed, it is visable to the far right of the picture. What seems great about taking photos like this is the sense of being away from everything, city lights all around but all you can hear is the lapping of the water.
As I made my way along the river bed it seemed like the only way back up to the streets was infact the same steps I came down from, with this in mind it is wise to always study tide times and be very vigilant as the tide can come in at a surprising, if not alarming,rate. *Tip of the Day!


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