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  City of London - Tower Bridge  

City of London

London City Panoramic
By Leigh Cousins 29/12/2015
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 35mm F9 ISO100


A beautiful day in late December, just after sunset as the lights come on and the skies darken to sweet blue hues. My London looking superb. I always find it amazing how vibrant it is in central London even though I grew up here, its 4pm on a Tuesday and the streets are packed, roads are busy and the police are out in there numbers... Just a typical day in London City!
The first thing you notice when approaching the bridge is its sheer scale and detail, it looks majestic with its twin towers. Built between 1886-1894 with several modernisations throughout the years including a recent addition of a glass floor across the high-level walkway, the bridge represents all that is London and has become an iconic vision for tourists.
The shot above consists of 5x 3 exposures, a total of 15 shots, then blended in Photoshop as necessary, when you have weather as good as this there is little needed in terms of editing. The hardest part, apart from actually getting to the location, is alignment, Photoshop likes to distort Photomerge panoramics as if its bending them on purpose just to annoy you! But if you take your shots with Photoshop in mind and how it works with panoramics, then you should have a great image to start, and that is very important.

London Panoramic

London Sunset Panoramic
By Leigh Cousins 29/12/2015
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 35mm F8 ISO100


From whatever angle you look at Tower Bridge it looks awesome. The sunset didn't bring out the vibrant colours I was hoping for but still made for some dramatic shots. As a photographer I notice things that others probably won't, like the constant river boats going up and down and actually stopping at Tower Bridge just so the passengers can get a better look! £11 to park for 2.30Hrs, and all I wanted was to make sure of a clean shot.
The Shard and City Hall work very well from this angle with the stunning Butlers Wharf on the left. I particularly like the look of The Shard during the day with the sunlight reflecting on one side, as you can see The Shard transforms spectacularly during the evening.

London Sunset The Shard


London Sunset over Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge Blue Hour

Tower Bridge Long Exposure
By Leigh Cousins 29/12/2015
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 30secs 35mm F9 ISO100


As blue hour hits and the lights come on, London comes to life. Its scale, beauty and power is abundant. My relationship with London stems back many years from work to lavish nights out and I'd like to think that I have experienced it fully but the reality is I haven't got that close, I guess living in London you take it for granted, but there is so much more to explore and discover.
Before I started photography I probably wouldn't think about how things look after sunset, let alone sunset itself, the contrast at blue hour is one of the best visual scenes this world has to offer.... Apart from the Nothern Lights and the Milky Way... and Rainbows!... Tornado?!... Lightning maybe.

London City Lights


London City 16mm

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