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  The South Downs National Park in Sussex  



Devil's Dyke
By Leigh Cousins 17/06/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 18mm 1/40 F22 ISO100


'Life in London is so fast paced... Sometimes we forget to stop and take in the beauty our world has to offer.' The moment you arrive at the summit of Devil's Dyke you can't help but feel a sense of achivement, almost exhilaration.
The day started very bleak, cloudy, windy and 'looks like rain' ...How wrong the weather man can be at times is something a photographer learns very quickly. I arrived around 7pm, found my location and set up the camera ready for the sunset but still no sign of the sun. The wind was blowing wildly while large dark clouds rolled overhead, 8pm pasted and by now I was cold and thinking about heading back. 8.45pm I packed everything up and started a disappointing walk back when suddenly everything turned a bright orange colour, I spun around to see the most amazing sun breaking between the clouds... The landscape was lit up like magic! Needless to say I ran back and caught this shot before the sun retired behind the clouds.



View From Saddlecombe
By Leigh Cousins 16/06/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 19mm 1/20 F22 ISO100


I parked up at Saddlecombe Farm and took one of the pathways, my goal was just to get up as high as possible. Lucky enough I was confronted by a steep chalk hill which took me about 40 minutes to climb but the views were well worth it.
This is a 3 shot panoramic taken from the top. The sense of freedom was truly inspiring.



Mile Oak Farm, East Sussex
By Leigh Cousins 16/06/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 18mm 1/50 F22 ISO100


Heading more west is Mile Oak Farm and from my research it has some nice poppy fields during June, you can see the reds on the left of the photo but it seems I may have arrived a week to early. Nevertheless, the views were lovely and I had an interesting chat with a local who was out walking his dog, he must be used to views like this but I was thinking about how great it must be to have this everyday.
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