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  Film & Visual FX  

3D Camera Projection Using Only 2D Pictures
This technique involves projecting an image onto several 2D planes or surfaces in 3D space, this then allows you to move the camera and fake 3D movement.



Showreel For Rajan The MagicMan
Rajan The MagicMan, one of the few magicians in the world that has achieved gold star from The Magic Circle. RajanTheMagicMan.co.uk
Loved making this video, the chance to work with a 'no holds barred' mindset. Rajan is a true pro and it was an honour to be able to work with him, we had such a laugh and sometimes even after watching the videos back I had to ask 'how the hell did you do that?!' Mindboggling...



Redbull Energy Punch Advert - 3D Tracking & Stop Motion
Time freeze in Element 3D. The ability to motion track in After Effects makes everything easier, I do like the in-built tracker to. I used Cinema 4D and Realflow for the modelling and imported it into Element 3D, from there you can create the 3D enviroment and line up the scene etc. I decided to turn this into an advert for a Redbull Video Viral Event, surffice to say, it never took off!



Elkai Elite Fighter - Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat Style Dedication
No script! No idea what we were doing!... We first decided to do some stop motion scenes based around karate, and it turned into a full, game orientated, fight scene. Within 7 hours of sheer messing around we had enough footage to put this together. Big thanks to Colin and Tony mainly for the laughs... I haven't laughed so much in ages! But also the professionalism and talent, you guys made this video very easy to work with and looked good doing it!


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