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  Light Trails Photography  

A4 Light Trails

Light Trails on the A4
By Leigh Cousins 31/03/2016
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 22mm F20 25seconds ISO100


Producing light trails in photography is a relatively simple thing to do, and the good news is, it looks freakin' awesome. Done correctly it can produce stunning results and add depth and pace to any shot. The most important part is location and that location should be high up, being on ground level really doesn't work... Saying that I have taken some cool shots on ground level but I find that most of the time it just doesn't look great with to many large bright streaks across your photo, producing depth and distance really hits the spot. A tripod is almost a necessity even though these shots I took I managed to balance my camera on the bridge and set the timer to 2 second, press the shutter and let the camera steady itself before the shot was taken, this is not advised as I had a couple of heart renching moments when I thought the camera would fall.
These shots I took just after sunset as blue hour hit and to produce a long enough exposure(20-25 seconds) I had to step down to f/20, ideally I would have liked f/11 but it worked out fine. In daylight of course a ND filter is used to filter out the light and you should be able to hit 8-10 seconds with a 10-stop ND. ISO at 100 for that pixel perfect image and not forgetting timing, as you can see from the images below you need cars on all lanes otherwise the shot looks like it is missing something!



Light Trails Unused




A4 Light Trails West View

Light Trails on the A4 West View
By Leigh Cousins 31/03/2016
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 22mm F20 25seconds ISO100


Looking the opposite way, west, we get some night light from the sunset, some interesting buildings but personally I don't like the light streaks because they seem to bend off into the distance without any kind of 'impact', I think it is because the streaks are going uphill, it still looks ok but not for me! One amazing thing I discovered is... You don't often find 2 bus stops directly opposite each other do you?!


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