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  Landscape Photography in Richmond, London  



King Henry's Mound, Pembroke Lodge Gardens
By Leigh Cousins 29/05/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 24mm 1/50 F18 ISO100

Richmond Park in London is the largest of the Royal Parks and possibly the best. The sheer scale of natural beauty brings you into a new world away from the busy streets of London.
I grew up in and around Richmond and until only a few years ago I had never seen the views it has to offer, this was probably due to the awesome night life! But it is surprising how many people do not know about this place and its stunning view.
This shot was my third attempt as the previous two just didn't capture what I had in mind, again it turned out to be a pretty difficult shot to take at sunset. The lens flares were everywhere... no matter where I stood or what angle I took.
Here are a couple of images that didn't make the grade.



Richmond Hill


The View From Richmond Hill
By Leigh Cousins 29/05/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 18mm 1/60 F11 ISO100

The most amazing view in London bar none. The view from Richmond Hill is steeped in history and is the only view in England that is protected by an Act of Parliment. This shot represents the reason I took up photography.
What makes this shot is not only the awesome clouds and the sun above the Thames, but to capture it without any people in view. It immediately gives a sense of seclusion even though there were a hundred people behind me!





A Seat With A View
By Leigh Cousins 29/05/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 18mm 1/4 F18 ISO100

Walking through Richmond Park is great, with its large open spaces, knee high grasslands and the path trails into magical woodlands. One of my favourite places to watch the sun set is Pen Ponds... It just doesn't look like London! It brings such a calm tranquility away from busy London.





Sunset At Pen Ponds, Richmond Park
By Leigh Cousins 29/05/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 22mm 1/40 F18 ISO100

Some of the best times to photograph landscape is just after sunset, the start of civil dusk. The deep orange hues that eventually blend into reds, purples and blues, the colours are truly amazing.





Petersham Meadows At Sunset
By Leigh Cousins 29/05/2015
Canon 650D 18-135 STM 35mm 1/80 F11 ISO100

Petersham Meadows basked in the glowing sunshine. For this shot I wanted to see what Richmond Hill looks like from the other end. There is a great towpath that leads from Richmond Bridge past Petersham Meadows and on to Ham and Eel Pie Island, or you can drive up River Lane just off Petersham Road(A307).


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