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  Richmond's Wonderful Riverside  

Richmond Riverside

Richmond Riverside
By Leigh Cousins 18/02/2017
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 16mm F.9 ISO100


When standing at such a picturesque location you can't help but be draw-in by the gorgeous atmosphere, the calm but vibrant feel to the town. As some may know this is my favourite location to photograph, not only has growing up here added a sense of personal exhibition but it has such a classic understanding of life and that is shown in the scenary. I really wanted to show how it looks from the eye and with all the camera limitations it can sometimes be hard to really express how amazing it looked. Over a period of 30 minutes the sun set and the lights came on, a magical moment with such change in the colours, the sky, the buildings, bridge and the River Thames of course. The reflections were changing every minute, the boats bobbing away on the water... The lights came on as if there was a single switch for each one and some guy was flicking them one by one! Below is 3 photos I took during that 30 minute period, I combined them to create a view of what I saw over that time.

Richmond Riverside Sunset Richmond Riverside Blue Hour Richmond Riverside Night
After adding some lights and shadows/hightlights I decided to add these light streaks over the bridge, just one of the many shots I took. I think it enhanced the power and motion of the shot as there was not many parts that truly showed a fast paced, energetic feel and without over-doing it, I think it worked out perfect.

Richmond Light Streaks

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