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  Snowdonia Valleys and Lakes  

Llynnau Mymbyr Lake

Llynnau Mymbyr Lake
By Leigh Cousins 18/07/2016
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 28mm F/9 1/50second ISO100


Llynnau Mymbyr Lake was one of my top places to visit in Snowdonia, the view across the lake to Snowdon mountain in the distance and the sun setting in roughly the same direction was way too good to miss. Taking the turn of the A5 onto the A4086 you will pass the lake, on the east side is a bridge across which leads into the forest, from here you can make your way to this vantage point but there are many locations with interesting scenery. I was very lucky to arrive in Snowdonia on the hottest day of the year with predictions of bright sun and clear skies, which I believe is very rare!
For both these shots I used f/9 @ ISO100 focusing on the mountain in the background and then again on the rock in the lake, later in Photoshop I did a simple blend to bring back a full focus effect. This could be achieved by using f/16+ but for quality the lower aperture the sharper the image.

Llynnau Mymbyr Lake sunset


Gwynant Lake

If you continue on the A4086 and take the turn onto the A498 there is a great little location with parking, a short walk will take you to this shot overlooking the valley and Gwynant Lake, with good weather conditions it can look amazing. One thing I was told about Snowdonia is the weather changes dramatically, and yeah, it does, the speed and height of the clouds is awesome but can easily leave you waiting for a decent shot.



Nant Ffrancon Valley

Nant Ffrancon Valley Sunset
By Leigh Cousins 18/07/2016
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 16mm f/9 1/25second ISO100


Opposite Llyn Ogwen lake on the A5 is Carneddau and Glyderau, A beautiful area with a variety of trails, paths, waterfalls and valley views. This shot is of Nant Ffrancon valley at sunset

Nant Ffrancon Valley

Nant Ffrancon Chill

carneddau and glyderau

Carneddau and Glyderau
By Leigh Cousins 18/07/2016
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 16mm f/9 1/100second ISO100


There is a fantastic stream with several small waterfalls that lead from Llyn Idwal lake down through the valley of Nant Ffrancon, this shot has the awesome Tryfan mountain in the background, the most popular mountain in Snowdonia with the pros. I expected there to be more people but lucky enough I was alone and exploring takes on a whole new meaning but be sure to take care... There are plenty of dangerous areas and potentially deadly drops. As the sign says on the gate 'Cliff Edge!'

carneddau and glyderau waterfall


Llyn Ogwen Lake

A Blissful Evening
By Leigh Cousins 18/07/2016
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 19mm f/9 1/4second ISO100


Llyn Ogwen Lake itself holds a little cottage or more so, a small boat house which makes for a lovely picture. As far as I remember if the clouds in the distance hadn't been there I would have been able to see some nice mountains but as I always say... Win some, lose some!
All in all, a beautiful place that I need to visit again. I only managed to explore 10% of the National Park and that was enough to make me fall in love with Snowdonia, hard to better it so far!


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