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  Denbies, Dorking, Surrey Hills  

Denbies Sunset
By Leigh Cousins 11/10/2015
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 16mm 10secs F16 ISO100

Sometimes with photography you can be very lucky or extremely unlucky! As I drove down the A24 in Dorking the view to my left was absolutely amazing, bright pinks and purples filled the skies, so I pulled over at the next available place and swiftly walked back with a swagger in my step knowing I was about to capture this beautiful sunset. By the time I had set up the camera the colours had faded by 50% and within 1 minute the remaining hues had blended into a typical bluey grey.
Now, if I was there 10 minutes earlier, I probably wouldn't even have taken this shot let alone using it. But as much as I was unlucky not to get the shot I planned to get I am very lucky to capture this. This kind of shot with litrally the last of the suns light as we go into the blue hour offers a scene that looks awesome and very unique.





Denbies Woodland

A walk in the woods. A mix between Robin Hood and Predator! Just across the road from Denbies Hillside you can wonder into the woods, at first following the trail through the foliage and eventually being confronted by a decision... Keep following the trail or venture of into the thick woodlands. Living in London it has been a long time since I had been engulfed in nature like this, the tall trees, large bushes, the uncertainty of what you are going to find... The super large mushrooms growing everywhere, its all very magical.



Denbies Hillside

The hillside itself, cared for by The National Trust, is located in Dorking and part of the Surrey Hills AONB, it is a beautiful area for a walk with views South and over Dorking town.
Once parked in the handy car park (£4 for the day) I walked through the main gate and immediately confronted by a herd of cows grazing, slowly and carefully walking through them I saw one cow that looked like it was sitting on a bench... He was actually just scratching his rear but looked funny.

As you can see the clouds had a very interesting disbursement and formation that you don't see very often, it is such a pity the sun couldn't come out to play for a few minutes but in the end these clouds made my final sunset picture (shown above).


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