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I have had a bit of spare time recently and decided to learn and explore the art of printing and framing, and to try and produce a sellable framed print that I am actually happy with. The levels of quality is quite amazing but then we are dealing with a profession that is top of the tree in our world, not just photography but art itself.

I have sourced a specialist printers that produce beautiful, vivid Giclee prints. This type of printing is renound for its ability to look stunning but also for its longevity, the frame is really irrelevant but the print will be transferable frame to frame and hold the quality and strength.
Looking back at my photos brings back only good memories, but I rounded it down and selected 10 to have printed and offer for sale, 10 of my favourite available at a limited number of 10! Choose your photo and drop me an email : info@leighcousinsraw.com

Print Size : 12" x 8" Giclee printed on 305gsm Rag Ultra Smooth Artboard
Frame Size : 16" x 11" Black wood frame 2cm width with ivory mount. MDF back panel with hanging clips. Plexi-glass front
Price : £49.99 plus Delivery
Delivery : Printed to order, please allow 7-10 working days. Delivered tracked, insured, in secure protected board


pitch hill

12"x8" Framed Giclee Print - Pitch Hill, Surrey




london city

12"x8" Framed Giclee Print - London City




richmond riverside

12"x8" Framed Giclee Print - Richmond Riverside





12"x8" Framed Giclee Print - Brentford Riverside




Richmond river

12"x8" Framed Giclee Print - Richmond Blue Hour




tower bridge

12"x8" Framed Giclee Print - Tower Bridge




lulworth cove

12"x8" Framed Giclee Print - Lulworth Cove




Richmond Hill

12"x8" Framed Giclee Print - Richmond Hill




snowdonia lake

12"x8" Framed Giclee Print - Snowdonia Lake




Canary Wharf

12"x8" Framed Giclee Print - Canary Wharf




victoria dock

12"x8" Framed Giclee Print - Victoria Dock



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