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  Garrick's Temple to Shakespeare  
Garricks Temple

Garrick's Ait & Temple in Hampton
By Leigh Cousins 03/02/2016
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 16mm f/4-f/9 ISO100 - 5 Shot Composition

Garrick's Temple to Shakespeare, built in 1756 by David Garrick to celebrate the genius of William Shakespeare. Located on the North Bank of the River Thames in Hampton, Richmond Upon Thames, it represents an actors admiration of art. With Garrick's Ait (the island to the left) being the only island on the River Thames to be named after an actor.

For this shot I used 5 different photos combined, first and most important was the Temple itself, taken at f/4, a 3-shot HDR to emphesis the detail of the structure and bring out the shadows and highlights. The second was the sun just dipping down above the houses, this shot was taken at f/9 to also bring out sharpness in the island's riverside. Finally I took another f/9 shot after the sun had gone down just to add a bit more orange sunlight to the background.

Garricks Temple sunset
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