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  My Favourite Vantage Points of Iconic London  

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf from Rotherhithe
By Leigh Cousins 04/04/2016
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 35mm F9 10 seconds ISO100


A couple of iconic photography locations in London that I like, while trying to steer away from the common shots we see so much of these days. Photography in London has become harder and harder to find unique views with so many people taking shots of our lovely city from all sorts of angles, I tend to see the same shots of London 100 times over but taken by different photographers, I for one can't resist a Big Ben shot at sunset when I'm stuck for ideas!
Firstly we have my favourite which is Canary Wharf, not the easiest place to take pictures due to it being private land and the eager security but making your way around the outskirts of the River Thames you can find some awesome skyline shots of the amazing buildings. This shot was taken from Rotherhithe, Helsinki Square (Google Map Link), I find this location provides the best unique view of the skyline which spans across the River Thames without getting to close, the area is quiet with easy access and just standing there admiring the structures is something to behold. In fact moving along the riverside you can discover even more alternative views but you could end up walking for ages just to see what it looks like from a different angle, this angle I found to be ideal!

Canary Wharf Daylight


London Skyline Blue Hour

London City Skyline from Bermondsey
By Leigh Cousins 01/04/2016
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 35mm F8 3.2 seconds ISO100


If you catch this location at low tide you have easy access to the steps down onto the riverbank. Located in Bermondsey in SouthEast London along the Bermondsey Wall East. (Google Map Link). Trying to get a unique view of Tower Bridge is impossible but getting something a little different is what I try to do. Again, this location is pretty easy to get to and there are several areas where you can take some nice shots from, some of these you can even include The Shard which is to the far right hand side (see picture below).
London Skyline Daylight
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