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  Richmond 'Boats for Hire'  
Boats for Hire

'Boats for Hire' in Richmond by the River
By Leigh Cousins 07/01/2016
Canon 5D Mark II 16-35 USM 16mm 8secs F9 ISO100 - 2 Shot Panoramic

I have thought about this shot for a long time but certain conditions had to be right. Blue hour with little to no clouds, street lights on, no people in the shot... I was quite surprised when I arrived in Richmond, setting up my camera like an over eager kid in a sweet shop as if crowds of people were about to swarm out of every avenue and spill onto the riverside!
Even at 16mm I couldn't fit the whole scene in so I had to combine 2 shots, I really wanted Richmond Railway Bridge in the shot and you can see that in the far distance. suffice to say that I am very happy with this shot, Richmond is by far one of my favourite towns and this is one of my favourite views, such character.

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